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New rail bridge taking shape in Stratford

New rail bridge taking shape in Stratford

Posted: 03 Sep 2020

Construction continues to progress on the new bridge over the Avon River, with 18 of the bridge’s massive beams lifted into place.

These beams will form the superstructure of the new bridge and with half of them now in place, crews have been able to attach walls to the sides of the bridge and begin pouring the concrete deck slab.

Locals have also been given a sneak peek at what the bridge will look like once it’s built, with artist’s impressions showing how the new bridge will sit in the Stratford landscape next to the heritage listed existing bridge.

Construction has been taking place under strict protocols to protect the health and safety of construction workers and the community, which has allowed this vital project to continue.

The concrete bridge beams are almost 30 metres long and weigh 60 tonnes. With these beams now installed, crews have been able to attach walls to form the sides of the bridge.

A total of 18 pairs of beams will be lifted into place by 250-tonne and 450-tonne crawler cranes, then the remaining walls of the bridge will be attached and the concrete deck slab poured.

The beams were pre-cast at Westkon Precast in Melton – one of only two facilities in the state capable of making them – and then transported to site.

Piling for the bridge is almost complete, with more than 100 pre-cast concrete piles driven into the ground and only a small number of steel piles remaining.

Crews have worked approximately 60,000 hours on the project since construction started in November last year.

The new bridge will be 504 metres long and will allow trains to travel at up to 90km/h in this section, a vast improvement on the current 10km/h speed limit in place on the existing bridge.

The new bridge is being delivered as part of the Gippsland Line Upgrade and is targeted for completion in early 2021.

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