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Avon River bridge

Avon River bridge

We're building a new rail bridge over the Avon River in Stratford.

The new bridge over the Avon River will be built on the north side of the existing bridge and south of the Princes Highway.

Trains will continue to run on the existing bridge until the new one is built.


The new bridge will improve reliability for passenger services.

Trains will be able to travel at up to 90 km/h on the new structure, a significant improvement on the 10 km/h speed limit on the existing bridge.

The nearby McAlister Street level crossing will be upgraded, improving safety for motorists and train passengers.

Apex Park upgrade

We are delivering improvements to Apex Park in Stratford as part of the new Avon River rail bridge.

The improvements to Apex Park include:

  • a new BMX/pump track
  • a new nature-based playground
  • a new public artwork
  • planting new vegetation.

We’ve asked the local community to help us design these improvements.

We are commissioning a Gippsland-based artist to design and deliver a public artwork as part of the improvements.

Heritage listing

In December 2018, Heritage Council of Victoria included the Avon River bridge on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The bridge was considered significant due to its clear association with the development of Victoria’s railway network and as a notable example of a rail bridge that can be easily understood and appreciated.

What are the next steps?

CPB Contractors has been appointed to design and build the new Avon River bridge.

Construction is now underway and is targeted for completion by early 2021.

Local contractor opportunities

In order to support local businesses in the region, CPB Contractors will manage all procurement through the GROW Gippsland Regional Procurement Platform powered by VendorPanel Marketplace. The platform is free for suppliers, with no cost to register and submit quotes, and no servicing fees.

To register, go to and:

  1. Select the appropriate category for your business
  2. Click on the link you receive
  3. Complete your business profile

Once registered, your business profile will be visible to CPB Contractors and other buyers in Gippsland.

Stay informed

We will keep passengers and the community updated as the project progresses via information sessions, letterbox drops, e-newsletters, advertising, website updates, social media and station pop-ups.

Download the Gippsland Line Upgrade Summer 2019 construction update PDF, 2.3 MB

Download the Gippsland Line Upgrade Spring 2019 newsletter PDF, 3.5 MB

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Construction begins on the new Avon River bridge

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