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Designing Apex Park

Designing Apex Park

Student feedback

Fun and educational activities

We have provided some fun and educational activities and games for you to enjoy.

We’ve worked with you, the children of Stratford, to improve Apex Park by building a new BMX/pump track and nature-based playground.

In 2020, the children of Stratford voted for what they’d like included in the new nature-based playground and BMX/pump track.

We’ve created the first design based on those votes, and now we’re working to finalise the design based on what you told us.

We’ve created the final design based on what you told us.

Explore your new park

Nature-based playground

Apex Park BMX pump track final design render.

BMX/pump track

Apex Park final design render.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about the final design or the construction of the new bridge, post them below and we will answer them on this page.

Questions received so far

Q. Will you knock down the Shakespeare playground?

A. No, the existing Shakespeare playground will stay and the new nature-based playground and BMX/pump track will be built next to it.

Q. Will I be able to ride my scooter on the BMX/pump track?

A. Yes. The BMX/pump track will be made of asphalt and is suitable for skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, mountain and BMX bikes.

Q. I wanted a zip-line across the river – why wasn’t this included?

A. We looked at all of the feedback and ideas you gave us earlier in the year.

We included the most popular ideas, to ensure the concept design reflected what the majority of community wants to see in Apex Park.

Some suggested ideas were deemed too costly, too difficult to achieve or not within the scope of the project, including a zip-line crossing the Avon River, rocket play equipment, a swimming pool, a fish pond and a basketball court.

What's next?

We are now building your new nature-based playground and BMX/pump track. It will be ready for you to use in the coming months.

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We've created educational and fun activities for you to enjoy including some online games. Check them out.

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