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Co-designing Apex Park

Co-designing Apex Park

The community has been involved every step of the way to help us co-design improvements to Apex Park in Stratford.

In 2020, the community voted for what they’d like included in the new nature-based playground and BMX/pump track.

Last May, we unveiled a concept design based on those votes and sought feedback on it.

We’re currently assessing the feedback and finalising the design for Apex Park, which we’ll present to the community in the coming months.

Designed by children, for children

School students and the children of Stratford have been involved in designing their improved park. In 2020 we visited St. Patrick’s Primary School and Stratford Primary School so students could have their say and tell us what they’d like included.

The most popular types of playground equipment were:

  1. Climbing rope net with timber posts
  2. Basket swing
  3. Balancing logs
  4. Accessible roundabout for spinning
  5. Stepping logs
  6. Dry creek bed
  7. Talking tubes.

The most popular features and ideas to include in the BMX/pump track were:

  1. Lots of rollers, jumps and corners in the track
  2. Having a start and finish line
  3. Having different sections in the track for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

What we heard

Find more details on what we heard from the community PDF, 770.0 KB.


Here are few of our favourite photos from the Community day.

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