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Wendouree Station works

Throughout April, works at Wendouree Station will continue in preparation for the new platform, second rail track and new pedestrian overpass.

What we are doing

Monday to Saturday 7am – 6pm throughout April

During normal working hours, we will be undertaking the following works in the rail corridor and station
precinct including:

  • Site mobilisation works including site compounds on both the north and south side of the rail tracks
  • Excavation and piling works on the north and south side of the rail track to support foundations for the new platform and pedestrian overpass
  • Removal of lighting poles where necessary and replacing with temporary lighting.

Car park changes

A site construction zone will be established on the north side of the station, with changes to car parking near the pedestrian zebra crossing.

Station users are asked to follow way-finding signage.

Pedestrian and vehicle access to the station will be maintained at all times.

What to be aware of

  • Vehicles, machinery and workers entering and exiting the site compound from Gregory Street West, and the rail corridor from the Gillies Street level crossing
  • A site construction zone on the north side of the station with a temporary change to car parking
  • Dust generation. Where necessary, water carts will be used for dust suppression
  • Increased noise around the station precinct and rail corridor
  • No impacts to existing services to your property are expected from our project works.

Traffic impacts

Changed traffic conditions and reduced speed limits

Traffic management will be in place for the safety of workers and the general public within the station precinct as well as at the following level crossings and roads as rail and construction machinery operate in the area:

  • Gillies Street
  • Gregory Street West.

Minimising Impacts

Where possible we will minimise disruption to residents in the following ways:

  • Scheduling noisy works during normal working hours where possible
  • Using broadband reversing alarms on mobile machinery that are quieter than reversing ‘beepers’
  • Using noise-reduced equipment.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

All planned works are dependent on suitable weather and ground conditions.

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