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Caroline Springs to Melton

Coaches will replace trains on the Ballarat line from Saturday 9 November until Sunday 1 December. Trains will resume from the first service on Monday 2 December 2019.

During this time we’ll carry out major works along the entire Ballarat line, including track duplication, station upgrades and critical safety testing. We’ll also be getting Cobblebank Station and the new 18km track duplication between Deer Park West and Melton ready for trains. Thanks for your patience while this important work is underway.

Map showing the current works map for caroline springs

What we are doing

We will be undertaking the following works in the rail corridor between Caroline Springs and Melton:

  • Closing the Exford Road level crossing to install the second rail track and build new road approaches
  • Signalling and commissioning the new 18km track duplication between Deer Park West and Melton
  • Completing works at Cobblebank Station which will be opened to passengers on Monday 2 December
  • Earthworks across the rail line to build access tracks and improve drainage
  • Works at Toolern Creek bridge including ongoing reinstatement of the public reserve.

What to be aware of

  • Vehicles, machinery and workers near level crossings, on local roads and within the rail corridor
  • Dust generation. Where necessary, water carts will be used
  • Increased noise, day and night
  • Vibrations may be felt during track works
  • Cutting and welding of rail track, day and night
  • Site deliveries and staff movements around stations and site construction areas
  • Test trains operating along the line.

Minimising impacts

Where possible we will minimise disruption to residents in the following ways:

  • Using broadband reversing alarms on mobile machinery that are quieter than reversing ‘beepers’
  • Using noise-reduced equipment
  • Directing lighting away from residences where possible
  • Using machinery on lower vibration settings near residential property.

Traffic impacts

Traffic management and reduced speed limits may be in place for the safety of workers and the public at the following locations:

  • Hopkins Road level crossing
  • Troups Road North level crossing (now open to traffic and pedestrians)
  • Leakes Road level crossing
  • Mt Cottrell Road level crossing
  • Paynes Road level crossing
  • Ferris Road level crossing
  • Coburns Road level crossing
  • James Melrose Drive
  • Bey Road and Brooklyn Road.

Plan your journey

For more information about V/Line coach replacement services while trains are not running between Saturday 9 November and Sunday 1 December, contact the Public Transport Victoria call centre: 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily – all night Friday and Saturday) or visit

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