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Ballan Station and passing loop works

We are upgrading Ballan Station as well as building a new passing loop generally to the south of the existing rail line between Ingliston Road and Old Melbourne Road.

We’re starting work in July on rebuilding the northern forecourt and the new entrance to the bus and drop-off areas at Ballan Station. This will mean some temporary changes to car parking at the station over the next few months.

Ballan Station

Car park changes

In July, we will expand the construction zone in the northern car park. During these works there will be fewer parking spaces available in the existing car park.

We've provided alternative car parking at the corner of Atkinson and Cowie Streets and a temporary footpath for pedestrians to access the station.

We're asking station users to plan ahead and allow more time to find a car park. We also encourage people to consider using alternative transport to get to the station where possible, such as walking or cycling.

Please take care as we make these changes and look out for signs, including electronic message boards, directing you to temporary car parks and safe pedestrian routes.

Coaches replace trains

Coaches will replace trains for the entire journey between Ballarat/Wendouree and Southern Cross Station from Monday 24 June to Sunday 7 July. Passengers are asked to allow an additional 45 minutes travel time.

Passengers are urged to plan their journey at or by calling 1800 800 007. Temporary timetables will be available online and at Ballan Station.

‘O’ Fountain

We’re planning to install a water bottle refilling station, called an ‘O’ Fountain, at the upgraded Ballan Station.

‘O’ Fountains are Australian-made from reinforced concrete and include a water filter. The water station will provide a public canvas for artwork in the station forecourt.

Soon we’ll be asking the Ballan community what their shared vision is for this artwork, before we engage an artist for the project.

Vegetation removal

As part of the upgrade, we’ve assessed the health of the pine trees within the station precinct between the rail track and Walsh Street.

This assessment has found that some trees may need to be removed based on their age, health, and proximity to our works for the safety of our workers and the public.

Where applicable, each tree to be removed will be assessed for habitat potential prior to removal, and wildlife handlers will be present where necessary to safely relocate native fauna.

What we are doing

Continuous 24-hour works — 12.01am Monday 24 June to 11.59pm Sunday 7 July

For the safety of our workers and passengers, we will under-take the following work while trains are not running:

  • Level crossing works at Windle Street and Cowie Street to install new track
  • Demolition and construction works on the rail bridge over Stead Street
  • Installation of new track along the passing loop
  • Construction works for the new platform, car park and pedestrian overpass
  • General earthworks, drainage and access track work
  • Installation of signalling equipment including gantries along the passing loop, near Windle Street and
    Geelong-Ballan Road.

Regular train services will resume from the first service on Monday 8 July.

June – July Monday to Saturday 7am – 6pm

The following work will take place in the rail corridor and station precinct, including:

  • Construction of the new platform, pedestrian ramps and overpass including roofing and cladding
  • Relocation of fencing on the existing platform for the new pedestrian ramps
  • Building the new car park on the south side
  • Underground service installation in the existing station car park and along the southern side of the precinct
  • Tree and vegetation removal as needed for underground service installation
  • Earthworks and underground service installation along various sections of the rail corridor
  • Drainage works from Stead Street to Windle Street.

Detour routes and traffic impacts

Level crossing closures
During this period there will be changes to road access with detours in place:

  • Cowie Street level crossing will be closed from Monday 24 June to Thursday 27 June
  • Windle Street level crossing will be closed from Friday 28 June to Friday 5 July
  • Stead Street underpass will be closed to traffic from Monday 24 June to Sunday 7 July.

Please allow an extra five minutes travel time.

Changed traffic conditions

Traffic management and reduced speed limits will be in place for the safety of workers and the public at the following locations:

  • Ingliston Road
  • Windle Street
  • Cowie Street
  • Old Geelong Road
  • Geelong-Ballan Road.

Track machines and test trains will continue to run along the rail tracks during the line closure, so always obey the warning signs at level crossings.

Ballan Station

Out-of-hours works and deliveries

During this period, some work activities and deliveries may be undertaken out-of-hours.

Directly impacted residents and businesses will be notified in advance.

What to be aware of

  • Vehicles, machinery and workers near level crossings, on local roads and within the rail corridor
  • Dust generation. Where necessary, water carts will be used for dust suppression
  • Lighting during continuous works – light will be directed away from residences where possible
  • Increase to noise, day and night
  • Cutting and welding of rail track
  • No impacts to existing services to your property are expected from our project works.

Minimising impacts

Where possible we will minimise disruption to residents in the following ways:

  • Scheduling noisy works during normal working hours where possible
  • Using broadband reversing alarms on mobile machinery that are quieter than reversing ‘beepers’
  • Using noise-reduced equipment.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

All planned works are dependent on suitable weather and ground conditions.

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