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Bacchus Marsh Station and Maddingley stabling facilities works

Throughout August, we’ll continue work on the new pedestrian overpass and platform and upgrading the car park on the north and south side of the station.

North side car park

Sections of the northern car park at Bacchus Marsh Station will be closed for major construction on the station forecourt and to build new bus bays, car parking and drop-off zones.

Until late 2019 we will:

  • Provide temporary car parking between the existing eastern car park and the rail line (see map)
  • Extend construction zones in the northern car park
  • Close some vehicle access points from Station Street
  • Continue to provide accessible parking close to the station building
  • Temporarily relocate bus bays to Station Street, near the turntable
  • Provide temporary pedestrian paths to the station building
  • Relocate the coffee van to the western side of the station building
  • Relocate the bike Parkiteer, which will be closed for a short time, please monitor onsite signage.

We ask all station users to plan ahead and allow more time to locate a parking space, or to drop off or pick people up.

Please be aware of changed traffic arrangements, which will be advised by signage and traffic management.

We will program these works to minimise the impacts to car parks, pedestrians and cyclists.

We ask all station users to plan ahead and allow more time to locate a car park. We would also ask station users to walk or cycle to the station as alternative means.

Between the station and Maddingley stabling

Throughout August, works will continue to build the second rail track including:

  • New drainage installation
  • Laying new track including ballast and sleeper delivery
  • Service relocation
  • Heavy vehicle and machinery movements along the rail corridor and on local roads.

Updated design for new car park - south side

The new car park on the southern side of the station is currently under construction, and when complete will increase car parking at the station by 100 spaces.

Following feedback by the community regarding road safety on Parwan Road, the car park will now have a single entry point and exit point adjacent to Mitchem Street, including turning lanes and pedestrian access from Parwan Road.

This means there will be less conflict between vehicles entering and exiting the station and those travelling on Parwan Road, or turning from East Maddingley Road and Love Close.

Artist impression of Bacchus Marsh Station layout

What we are doing

Monday to Saturday 7am – 6pm throughout August

Bacchus Marsh Station

The following works will take place in the rail corridor from Fisken Street to Parwan Road and within the station precinct:

  • Rebuilding the northern car park and bus bays near the station building
  • Construction on the new pedestrian overpass, ramps, stairs and southern platform
  • South side car park construction including earthworks, laying of asphalt and kerbs
  • Service relocation throughout the station precinct
  • Drainage improvement works throughout the station precinct.


Some works within the rail corridor may be undertaken at night when trains aren’t running for the safety of our workers and to minimise the disruption to commuters.

There may be other out of hours works, including on Sundays, around the station building and car park to minimise the impacts to commuters.

For disruptive works, directly impacted residents and businesses will be notified in advance.

What to be aware of

  • Site deliveries and staff movements around the station precinct and site construction zones
  • Machinery and workers in car park areas, near level crossings, on local roads and within the rail corridor
  • Dust generation. Where necessary, water carts will be used for dust suppression
  • Increased noise around the station precinct and rail corridor
  • Vibration may be felt during car park construction works due to machinery.

No impacts to existing services to your property are expected from our project works.


Changed traffic conditions and reduced speed limits

Traffic management and reduced speed limits will be in place for the safety of workers and public at the following locations:

  • Fisken Street
  • Station Street
  • Parwan Road
  • Osborne Street
  • Kerrs Road.


Where possible we will minimise disruption to residents in the following ways:

  • Scheduling noisy works during normal working hours where possible
  • Using broadband reversing alarms on mobile machinery that are quieter than reversing ‘beepers’
  • Using noise-reduced equipment.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

All planned works are dependent on suitable weather and ground conditions.

Download notification

Download the August 2019 works notification PDF, 1.2 MB