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Bacchus Marsh Station

Bacchus Marsh Station

Bacchus Marsh Station has been upgraded as part of the Ballarat Line Upgrade.

The upgraded station is more accessible and features improved amenities, to cater to Bacchus Marsh’s growing population.

Passengers will find it much easier to get between platforms and around the station, with lifts and ramps available for people with mobility aids or prams.

The upgrade included rebuilding the northern car park and adding a new car park on the southern side, giving passengers 100 extra parking spaces and improved bus bays, bike parking, CCTV and lighting.

The upgraded station features:

  • an additional platform
  • an accessible pedestrian overpass linking the two platforms
  • a car park with 100 extra spaces
  • improved bus bays and bicycle facilities
  • better security, lighting and landscaping
  • removal of the train stabling yard at the station.

Bacchus Marsh passengers are benefitting from 25 extra services per week and all trains from Ballarat stopping at the station – providing more peak services to Southern Cross as part of a timetable change that started Sunday 31 January 2021, made possible by the completion of the Ballarat Line Upgrade.

Bacchus Marsh Station upgrade complete

Station designs

Bacchus Marsh Station forecourt - concept image

Bacchus Marsh Station platforms - concept image

Station layout

Image of a map of the Bacchus Marsh car park.

Station images timeline

December 2019

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in December 2019.

November 2019

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in November 2019.

September 2019

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in September 2019.

August 2019

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in August 2019.

June 2019

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in June 2019.

December 2018

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station in December 2018.

Start of project

Image of Bacchus Marsh Station at the start of the project.

Community feedback

The local community and stakeholders had their say on the Ballarat Line Upgrade in 2018 and the information provided has shaped the design for the upgrade of Bacchus Marsh Station.

What we heard

Aspect What is important to you How the station design considers your feedback
Access and connections Easy and safe access for all people. Safety and security is also important. The station has been designed so that it can be accessed by everyone – including the elderly, people travelling with children and people using mobility aids. CCTV cameras and lighting have also been included in the design.
Parking and transport Improved traffic access, including better drop-off zones, bus bay and parking There will be additional parking, bicycle hoops and drop-off zones and an improved bus bay layout.
Heritage and integration Preserving the heritage aspects of the station including retaining the turntable and ensuring that new infrastructure is sympathetic to the existing building. The upgrade has been designed to respect and retain the station’s heritage values, with the project not impacting on the main station building. The overpass has been designed to minimise bulk and scale, and reflect elements of the historic building, such as roof pitch and cream-coloured banding.

Bacchus Marsh Station’s historic turntable has been preserved as a feature. Landscaping will be keeping in with the station’s heritage character, including using bluestone paving and featuring English oak trees.

In September 2018 we sought community feedback on tree planting, landscaping and heritage at the station.