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Upgrading Ararat Stabling

Upgrading Ararat Stabling

We’re upgrading the train stabling facility at Ararat Station to deliver an extra weekday service to Ararat.

The current stabling at Ararat Station can only house one three-carriage VLocity train overnight, and more stabling is needed to increase services to Ararat.

Map showing the stabling at Ararat.

What will happen?

The upgraded Ararat train stabling facility will include a second stabling track at Ararat Station to house two three-carriage VLocity trains overnight, ready for the first two services to Ballarat each morning.

Works will include:

  • An extra track parallel to the existing stabling
  • Connecting the new stabling to existing track
  • Security fencing
  • Additional lighting, CCTV and footpaths.

What are the benefits?

The upgrade will improve reliability along the line and deliver a fifth return service each weekday.

Ararat passengers will also benefit from the Ballarat Line Upgrade. The 18km track duplication between Deer Park West and Melton, and new passing loops at Millbrook and Ballan, will boost reliability along the entire line by providing more opportunities for trains to pass each other and helping services recover more quickly from delays.

Why do we need stabling facilities?

Stabling is where trains are parked while not in operation. While the trains are in the facility, they are cleaned internally and prepared for the next day’s operation.

Upgrading stabling at Ararat means two trains can be at Ararat each weekday morning ready for the first two services to Ballarat, instead of one train having to make the journey from Ballarat to Ararat without passengers.

A train stabling facility generally consists of:

  • a fenced, open air site
  • train tracks
  • connections to the main train line
  • signalling and communication systems
  • CCTV and lighting
  • access roads and walkways to the facilities.

Stabling facilities are critical to ensuring trains can begin services efficiently each day, providing a reliable service for passengers.

What are the next steps?

Construction began at the end of November 2019 and is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Who is responsible?

Rail Projects Victoria is overseeing the Ararat train stabling upgrade on behalf of the Victorian Government, with V/Line contracted to deliver the project.

Stay informed

As the project progresses, we will keep passengers and the community updated via letterbox drops, advertising, e-newsletters, website updates and social media.

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