Victoria's Big Build

Bridge matching game

The new Avon River Rail Bridge will be a beam bridge, but there are other types of rail bridges engineers design and build.

Can you match the images to the type of rail bridge?



  • An arch bridge uses an arch shape to spread the load of the bridge. There are many different types of arch bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an example of a through-arch bridge, because the bridge deck goes through the arch.
  • A cantilever bridge is built using cantilevers, which are horizontal structures supported only on one end. In large cantilever bridges, the cantilevers can be built from structural steel or concrete box girders The Bolte Bridge in Melbourne is an example of a cantilever bridge.
  • A truss bridge has extra support above the bridge like a cage called trusses to make it extra strong. Trusses come in lots of different patterns and shapes. The longest spanned truss bridge in the world is the Ikitsuki Bridge in Japan.
  • Suspension bridges suspend the bridge deck by cables, ropes or chains from two tall towers and can span long distances. Famous suspension bridges include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • A beam bridge has piers along the ground to hold the deck of the bridge up. The original Avon River bridge is a type of beam bridge.
  • A tied-arch bridge uses a chord tying the arch ends to keep the bridge up. An example of a tied-arch bridge is the Fort Pitt Bridge in the United States.
  • Cable-stayed bridges bridges have one or two towers, to which cables are connected to hold up the bridge deck. The Westgate Bridge in Melbourne is an example of a cable-stayed bridge.