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Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

The Regional Rail Revival Creative Strategy is an opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Victoria’s regional creative industries.

As part of a commitment to delivering high quality projects, RPV has developed the Creative Strategy to provide guidance to project teams and delivery partners when commissioning creative works on regional projects.

The Creative Strategy sets out key themes, objectives and guidelines for delivery partners to consider when engaging artists and communities on creative works.

Download the Regional Rail Revival Creative Strategy (PDF, 3MB)

About the strategy

The Creative Strategy supports working with regional artists and cultural organisations, engaging local communities and celebrating the creative culture of Victoria’s First Peoples.

Through the Creative Strategy, Rail Projects Victoria is committed to enhancing people’s experience of journey and place by working with regional artists and communities to deliver creative outcomes as part of these upgrades.

Regional Victoria is home to diverse and vibrant creative industries that contribute significantly to the State’s creative economy. Cultural tourism is also an important driver for the State’s creative economy. Victoria’s regions boast some of Australia’s leading regional galleries, museums, festivals, and performing arts venues. These include the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Bendigo Art Gallery, Shepparton Art Museum, and Geelong Arts Centre.

Australia is home to the world’s oldest continuous culture. The Creative Strategy supports engagement with Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and a commissioning approach that encourages opportunities for Victorian First Nations artists. The unique skills and perspectives that these artists bring can inform deeper connections to place, country and community for us all.

By providing opportunities to Victoria’s regional artists and creative practitioners, the Creative Strategy can help contribute to sustainable creative industries in Victoria’s regions. High quality public art and creative design outcomes, delivered as part of the Regional Rail Revival program, will enhance people’s experience of journey and place and leave a positive civic legacy for Victoria’s regional communities.