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Donnybrook and Wallan Station Upgrade

We’re providing much-needed station improvements to support the growing communities of Donnybrook and Wallan.

What will happen?

We’re making improvements to Donnybrook Station, including:

  • adding 150 new car parking spaces
  • new platform shelters
  • two new bus bays, including shelters
  • improved pedestrian, car and bus access
  • improved security with CCTV on platforms and in car parks
  • Springs Road will also be upgraded to improve access for cars and buses.

The Wallan Station upgrade includes:

  • adding toilets in the waiting room
  • additional bus bays, including shelters
  • new platform shelters
  • additional bicycle parking.

The city-bound platforms at each station will be extended to accommodate five-carriage loco-hauled trains and six-carriage VLocity trains.

What are the benefits?

The improvements at Donnybrook and Wallan stations will focus on improving accessibility, comfort and safety for passengers.

The car park at Donnybrook Station will be upgraded to more than double the number of car parking spaces, with approximately 150 spaces to be added as part of the upgrade.

It will also include new passenger shelters and two new bus bays. Springs Road will be modified to improve car and bus access.

There will be a boost in security at the station, with new CCTV and lighting on platforms and in the car park.

The upgrade to Wallan Station will include new bathrooms, new shelters on the platform and in the bus bay, additional bus bays and bicycle facilities.

The city-bound platforms at each station will be extended to accommodate five-carriage loco-haled and six-carriage VLocity trains and make it quicker for passengers to get on and off, reducing the amount of time trains will need to stop at the station.

These upgrades will service the growing communities of Donnybrook and Wallan for years to come.

Who is responsible?

The delivery of the Donnybrook and Wallan station upgrades is being overseen by Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C229

An amendment to the Whittlesea Planning Scheme is proposed to expand the existing Donnybrook Station car park to provide 150 new car parking spaces and two new bus bays. Works will include modifying nearby Springs Road to improve car and bus access.

You can view the draft Planning Scheme Amendment and accompanying material here:

The Planning Scheme Amendment is required to enable the delivery of this project.

Have your say

The draft Planning Scheme Amendment is available for public comment from Tuesday 16 October to Friday 16 November 2018.

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Next steps

We've been engaging with the local community, stakeholders and passengers to better understand their needs and let them know about the work we are doing. Thank you to those who provided feedback via our survey or visited us at our pop up sessions.

Before construction can begin later this year, we will undertake site investigations, including environmental assessments, traffic monitoring, soil and rock testing and locating underground services like phone and gas. We will also select a contractor to deliver the work.

Passengers may notice more activity near the rail line and in the station precinct as we gather information to finalise the design and planning process.

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Other improvements

In 2017, the car park at Wallan Station was upgraded with 153 car parking spaces, to cater to the growing population.

Three additional carriages have been added to the Seymour line, doubling capacity on two peak services.

The Victorian Government has funded station upgrades, including new roofs and additional car parking at Wallan and Kilmore East.

Bike parking is also planned for major stations.

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