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Millbrook passing loop works

The Millbrook passing loop will allow trains to pass each other travelling in opposite directions, providing more reliability for more services.

The Ballarat line will be closed after the last service on Friday 7 December until the first service on Monday 17 December so that we can safely work within the rail corridor, day and night.

Continuous 24 hours works

12:01 am Saturday 8 December - 11.59pm Sunday 16 December 2018

During this rail line closure, we will undertake the following works in the rail corridor:

  • Moving the existing track within the corridor between Spreadeagle Road and Peerewerrh Road to allow room for the new track
  • Earthworks involving movement of soil within the rail corridor, and placement of fill delivered to site
  • Drainage works for the new track.

Continuous works will be complete and regular train services will resume from the first service on Monday 17 December.

What to be aware of

  • Vehicles, machinery and workers on local roads and within the rail corridor
  • An increase in the number of light and heavy vehicles moving around the area, particularly near the site compound on Spreadeagle Road
  • Low levels of dust are expected to be generated. Where necessary, water carts will be used for dust suppression.
  • Lighting during continuous works – light will be directed away from residences where possible
  • No impacts to existing services to your property are expected
  • Increase to noise may be experienced in certain areas, day and night.

Minimising impacts

Where possible we will minimise disruption to local residents in the following ways:

  • Using broadband reversing alarms on mobile machinery that are quieter than reversing ‘beepers’
  • Using noise-reduced plant and equipment
  • Scheduling noisy works during normal working hours where possible.

We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program. All planned works are dependent on suitable weather and ground conditions.

Traffic impacts

These works may require some traffic management changes at times around the following locations:

  • Spreadeagle Road bridge
  • Peerewerrh Road bridge

Vehicle and cyclist access will be maintained at all times on local roads.

Track machines and test trains will continue to run along the rail tracks during the line closure, so always obey the warning signs at level crossings and take care around trains.

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