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Bacchus Marsh Station and Maddingley stabling facilities works

In November, we will start major works on the Bacchus Marsh Station upgrade. While we carry out these works, we will continue to provide the same level of carparking during the construction period.

From Friday 16 November until Sunday 16 December 2018, the Kerrs Road level crossing, Maddingley will be temporarily closed to allow for the rail line to be duplicated.

Bacchus Marsh Station

Construction sites will be established on both sides of the station precinct in readiness for the upgrade.

Map showing the site establishment at Bacchus Marsh

What we are doing

North side

A construction zone will be established around the turntable, including:

  • Site shed, first aid room and toilets for construction staff
  • Construction car parking
  • Fencing to separate work zones from the platform and other public areas
  • Temporary pedestrian pathway changes for those accessing the station from the north east station car park
  • Temporary car park changes near the turntable.

South side

A larger site compound will be built on the south side of the station precinct in rail land. This will include:

  • Temporary site sheds, first aid room and toilets for construction staff
  • Construction car parking
  • Fencing around the site compound for security and safety.

Car parking and access changes

North side car parking

Car parking on the north side, around the turntable, will be closed off to the public while the station upgrade works are undertaken.

To minimise disruption to commuters, we will provide:

  • Alternative car parking spaces west of the station, adjacent to Parwan Road
  • Accessible parking will be relocated adjacent to the station building.

There will be no reduction in car parking spaces due to these changes.

Pedestrian changes

North side

There will be temporary pedestrian pathway changes for those accessing the station from the north east station car park, including:

  • Closure of undercover walkway near the turntable. Pedestrians will be redirected to the path along Station Street
  • Platform access on the north side will only be from the station building and entrance near the coffee van.

South side

Access to the south side rail land will be closed to the public during construction.

Tree and vegetation removal

Tree and vegetation removal is required on the north side and south sides of the station precinct. All trees that are impacted by the station upgrade have been assessed by a qualified arborist.

There are four trees on the north side that need to be removed for car park modification and installation of the new overpass.

On the south side, multiple trees need to be removed for the new car park.

What to be aware of

  • Signage and way finding in the station precinct to help visitors with car parking and pedestrian changes
  • An increase in vehicles, machinery and construction workers within the station precinct
  • Traffic management at times may be required to move machinery and direct station visitors
  • An increase in general construction related noise around the station.

Rail duplication between Bacchus Marsh Station and Maddingley Stabling

We will continue to prepare for duplication of the track in this area through:

  • Soil testing at numerous locations along the corridor
  • Utility relocation works to install conduits so vital rail signalling services remain operational throughout our works.

Maddingley Stabling

Works are progressing well on the Maddingley Stabling and will continue this month. Works include:

  • Construction on the stabling building
  • Construction of track in the stabling facilities site

Kerrs Road level crossing closure, November 16 - December 16

Kerrs Road will be temporarily closed at the level crossing in Maddingley, between Bacchus Marsh - Balliang Road and Osborne Street.

A range of works will be undertaken during the closure, which are critical to the new train stabling, and safety of the level crossing.

The works include:

  • Duplication of rail track
  • Sealing the road on either side of the level crossing
  • Adjusting the location of the boom gates
  • Rail signalling and underground services works

Signed detours will be in place:

  • South bound traffic from South or East Maddingley Road (along Kerrs Road) will be detoured at Osborne Street (north travel) and Gullines Road
  • Traffic from Bacchus Marsh-Balliang Road will be detoured at Rowsley Station Road.

Out of hours works

Bacchus Marsh Station

  • Tree and vegetation removal where required
  • Overhead service relocation where required

Maddingley Stabling

Sunday works will continue at the stabling facilities in Maddingley between 7am-3.30pm.

Noise levels will be monitored and traffic management will be in place at Kerrs Road.

What to be aware of

  • Vehicles, machinery and workers near level crossings, on local roads and within the rail corridor
  • Low levels of dust are expected to be generated. Where necessary, water carts will be used for dust suppression
  • No impacts to existing services to your property such as water and gas are expected.

All planned works are dependent on suitable weather and ground conditions. We will notify residents and businesses if there are any significant changes to the program.

Traffic impacts

A temporary offset car park has been built to the west of the station, adjacent to the roundabout near the level crossing. There will be no reduction in car parking spaces due to these changes.

Some work activities require traffic management changes, including temporary speed and lane reductions at and around the following locations:

  • Bacchus Marsh Station
  • Kerrs Road, between Osborne Street and Bacchus Marsh – Balliang Road
  • Kerrs Road level crossing temporary closure
  • Traffic management at Osborne Street level crossing.

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