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Video transcripts

On this page you'll find the transcripts for our videos.

The Ballan Stationeers

Stephanie: "Well I like the warmth of a red brick. This is a cold place in winter and I just think a brick that's that colour radiates a bit of warmth.

It's just beautifully quiet and then the train appears out of the fog or the mist and it's very romantic, even though it's bitterly cold in the winter but it's lovely.

Especially with that line of trees because invariably the magpies are talking and that's beautiful.

The Ballan stationeers are a group of people who have put their hands up to volunteer once a month. A lot of it was weeding, cutting back, planting, just things like that. Just basic gardening. A bit of sweeping, cleaning up, it's that love and care you put into something that you are about.

We get a lot of response when we're here on the Saturday mornings, you know, with people thanking us and saying it's a joy to come here and they love seeing the changes because we keep colour here. So there's always something flowering and some parsley or rosemary to take if you need a tiny bit for the dinner that night.

It's a good way of people who are new to the town, and a lot of them often come here because of the station, you can join a group and get to know someone."

Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

People of the Ballarat Line Upgrade: Stefania Calati

Stefania: "My job is senior project engineer. I work for the BLU Alliance on the Ballarat Line Upgrade basically we're responsible for five station upgrades across the Ballarat Line Upgrade plus two major bridges and all of the infrastructure that goes around into upgrading the facilities along the Ballarat line.

It's fast paced it's dynamic it's really interesting my job I get to do all of these really, really cool things every single day.

I meet really interesting people I also get to build massive heavy infrastructure which is also really cool.

I think it's incredible to be in this space I think you know even being a woman in in infrastructure in construction you know there's not too many of us but we really do bring something a little bit different to the dynamic.

Out here we're affecting change and were able to provide services to the community and to people that matter I think that's so exciting I think that's something that I feel really, really passionate about."

Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

People of the Ballarat Line Upgrade: Emma Dade

Emma: "Sustainability really is a huge part of all large infrastructure projects at the moment. There's a really big push to really look at how how we're designing and constructing these large infrastructure projects and how can we actually try and improve the sustainable
outcomes from these these projects.

What gets me out of the bed in the morning is knowing that I can that I'm coming into an office where people are motivated and have open minds to actually think differently and think outside the box and what they're doing.

Sustainability is looking at what we call the quadruple bottom lines so your social side of it your governance side of it your
environmental side of it and your economic side of it.

Small activities or small changes that you make can actually result in a really really big sustainable outcome.

It's a very big job and it's an exciting time to be in the job."

Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

GROWing local jobs in Gippsland

The importance of today is being in Sale to connect GROW Gippsland and Rail Projects Victoria to identify our Aboriginal businesses that are growing in this area, to maximise the opportunities and the benefits for our community to maximise employment opportunities.

We are an Indigenous national telecommunications company.

So winning work on the project for us would mean that we could scale up and hire more people within the area.

You be what you can see pretty much so if you see an Indigenous person succeeding, then you want to be that Indigenous person that is succeeding as well.

The connections today have been paramount in our ability to move forward business to business, commercial to commercial and community to industries.

It has been very informative on how to go about finding new business, who actually has the business and what they want from small businesses.

Recently with the drought and all the milk prices and all the rest of it, our business has been struggling so something like this could be the biggest thing that has ever happened to us.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

Regional Rail Revival Gippsland - Avon River Bridge

A new rail bridge over the Avon River will allow trains to travel it up to 90 kilometers an hour. The new bridge will be located to the north of the existing bridge and south of the princess highway road bridge.

This alignment was chosen because it offered the fastest train speeds smoothest ride for passengers and would be least disruptive to train services during construction.

Trains will continue to run on the existing bridge until the new one is built.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.