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Media releases

8 June 2018 Update on the Victorian Regional Rail RevivalRegional Rail Revival
30 August 2018 Regional passengers winners thanks to rail loopRegional Rail Revival
9 October 2018 Warrnambool and Geelong Line Upgrades out to marketGeelong Line Upgrade
12 October 2018 Gippsland Line Upgrade supporting local jobsGippsland Line Upgrade
16 August 2018 Avon River bridge alignment revealedGippsland Line Upgrade
5 June 2018 New Avon River bridge out to marketGippsland Line Upgrade
14 March 2018 Half a billion dollar Gippsland Line Upgrade kicks offGippsland Line Upgrade
12 May 2018 Next steps for North East Rail Line UpgradeNorth East Line Upgrade
16 March 2018 Inland rail and Regional Rail Revival agreements reachedNorth East Line Upgrade
23 October 2018 Shepparton Station stabling construction underwayShepparton Corridor Upgrade
1 August 2018 Station upgrades for Donnybrook and WallanShepparton Corridor Upgrade
1 May 2018 Better trains and bus services for regional VictoriaShepparton Corridor Upgrade
21 March 2018 More train services for SheppartonShepparton Corridor Upgrade
9 October 2018 Warrnambool and Geelong Line Upgrades out to marketWarrnambool Line Upgrade
26 October 2018 Images Revealed For A New Station At CobblebankBallarat Line Upgrade
23 October 2018 Plan ahead for Ballarat Line construction blitz (PDF, 174.7 KB)Ballarat Line Upgrade
8 October 2018 Works start at Ballan StationBallarat Line Upgrade
19 July 2018 Ballan Station upgrade plans unveiledBallarat Line Upgrade
5 June 2018 Plan ahead for Ballarat Line Upgrade workBallarat Line Upgrade
21 April 2018 Getting on with the Ballarat Line UpgradeBallarat Line Upgrade
20 December 2017 Ballarat Line Upgrade bringing extra benefits for localsBallarat Line Upgrade
3 November 2017 New train station for Melbourne's growing westBallarat Line Upgrade
27 October 2017 Work kicks off on the Ballarat Line UpgradeBallarat Line Upgrade
28 September 2017 Preferred location for Ballan LoopBallarat Line Upgrade
4 July 2017 Ballarat Line Upgrade kick starts Regional Rail RevivalBallarat Line Upgrade
16 June 2017 Ballarat Line Upgrade ramps upBallarat Line Upgrade
1 March 2017 $518 Million Ballarat Line Upgrade released to marketBallarat Line Upgrade
9 November 2016 Ballarat Line Upgrade to be delivered by Australia's bestBallarat Line Upgrade
27 April 2016 Ballarat line duplicated to run more trains on timeBallarat Line Upgrade

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