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Tenders and service providers

There will be opportunities for private sector involvement in the Regional Rail Revival, with opportunities for a range of contractors, designers and suppliers.

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) has been working with Transport for Victoria (TfV) to prepare a delivery strategy. It is anticipated that the main construction works for the delivery of Regional Rail Revival, will be delivered through a number of works packages using both Competitive Alliances, and Design & Construct (D&C) delivery models and will be subject to further due diligence and stakeholder feedback, including through any future market interactions.

For the Ballarat Line Upgrade, Lendlease Engineering and Coleman Rail are seeking expressions of interest from companies to deliver a range of work packages. For more information and to register see the ICN Gateway.

For the other projects, we are seeking interest from the market to:

  • Develop an understanding of organisations that are interested in the Regional Rail Revival and have the requisite experience and capability and capacity to potentially deliver one or more Regional Rail Revival work packages.
  • Establish a structured process for greater interaction, information sharing and ‘market testing’ of the proposed packaging and procurement approach, key commercial principles, processes and timing for the delivery of Regional Rail Revival.
  • Provide an opportunity for respondents to this ROI to commence discussions between potential major contractors, rail systems and signalling providers and other relevant providers and advisers via the Industry Capability Network Gateway, noting that RPVwould not be facilitating any such discussions.

Selection criteria

RPV will consider respondents for participation in future market interactions based on each respondent’s capacity to meet either of the following two criteria:

Registration of Interest

RPV is seeking Registrations of Interest (ROI) from suitably experienced and qualified major contractors, rail systems and signalling providers and other relevant providers and advisers who may be interested in tendering for packages of work.

Responses to this ROI should be provided in accordance with the information outlined in the ROI Response Schedule (DOCX, 2.0 MB). No other information is to be submitted.

Responses to this ROI are to be submitted by email to

Respondents may submit their responses at any stage from the release of this ROI and should note that it is RPV's discretion to close and not consider responses after a certain point in time.

ICN Gateway

Potential respondents who do not satisfy the above criteria and who may wish to participate in one or more of the Regional Rail Revival work packages and/or offer their services to a potential tendering organisation should register their details with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway.

To register visit the ICN Gateway website.